Port Townsend Beach Gems - Large Jars & Vases - Port Townsend, WA
Port Townsend Beach Gems - beach glass mosaics handcrafted by Carol Kummerow
Products:  Larger Jars and Vases
These are larger vessels, from 4" to 11" or 12".  Most are useful as vases, catch-alls or candy jars.  Many can be used as candle holders.  To the extent possible, I will ship the heavier items via flat rate priority mail
Little Brown Daisy Vase
Frosted plastic cup, 5" tall is completely coated with frosted white, brown, green and aqua glass.
Price: $5.00
Dragonfly in reeds
5" tall frosty plastic cup with a green and white dragonfly among brown reeds.
Price: $5.00
Pretty Kitty in Pink
4.5" square pink glass jar. A brown and white cat with green eyes sits prettily in some green grass.
Price: $15.00
5" tall plastic cup with white and yellow magnolia bloom, surround be green and brown circles.
Price: $5.00
4.5" tall frosted glass jar with a brown, white and red towhee perched on a stump with greenery around.
Price: $20.00
Ship's Wheel
4" tall rippled glass. Frosty white baubles at the top and bottom and a brown ship's wheel in the center.
Price: $10.00
10" tall cork-lidded jar, coated with frosted white baubles, rimmed with blue glass and decorated with a blue and yellow iris on a delicate green stem.
Price: $15.00
Seahorse in a Turquoise Sea
6" tall turquoise plastic cup with "crazed" surface. A blue, green and white seahorse with a red eye drifts among green sea grass.
Price: $7.00
Crab on a Sunny Day
6" tall yellow plastic cup with an amber crab over a frosted white, aqua and green seabed. A froth of frosty white glass rims the cup.
Price: $7.00
Great Blue Heron
6" tall blue plastic cup with a crazed texture. A frosted white, aqua and blue heron wades in white, blue and green surf. Red glass eye, brown glass legs
Price: $7.00
Rhody III - lidded jar
pink glass cube, 4" square with lid decorated with white & pink rhody and green leaves. Base is striped with frosted white and green glass.
Price: $15.00
6" tall, 4x3 glass vase, completely coated with frosted white baubles on 3 sides, with a blue and white orca leaping from green and aqua seas on the front.
Price: $25.00
Dragonfly Valentine
5.5" tall frosted pink glass (clear top half) sports a brown outlined heart and 2 dragonflies - one is blue and white and one is green and white.
Price: $10.00
Goose Taking Flight
4" pink glass cube with a Canada Goose taking flight. Done in brown, white and aqua glass, there's a stylized moonlit pond motif
Price: $10.00
4" pink glass cube sports an apple in brown and white glass, some tinted red for extra shading. A band of white frosty baubles surrounds the top and a black stone stem with a green glass leaf completes it.
Price: $10.00
4.75" glass cube with waves of frosty white, aqua and green glass.
Price: $15.00
Mermaid Vase
8.75" tall green rippled glass vase sports a turquoise-backed mermaid swimming in a sea of green, aqua and white glass. Opening is about 3" square.
Price: $15.00
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