Port Townsend Beach Gems - Events, Notes and Updates - Port Townsend, WA
Port Townsend Beach Gems - beach glass mosaics handcrafted by Carol Kummerow
Notes & Updates
September 11, 2018   A couple large orders lately greatly reduced my stock of necklaces and ornaments.  Some are new designs.  I will be making more in the weeks to come, and if there's anything in particular you'd like to see, let me know.  I'm happy to entertain "custom" orders, too.  


May 20, 2018   It's been a long time since I've posted here.  Care-giving duties, plus keeping up the house and home pretty much occupy most of my time.  I do still get out to the beach once or twice a week, and I still produce the stuff, just not as much (limited market, limited storage space).  I welcome your custom orders and inquiries, and even look forward to the challenge of producing that "just right" piece for you.   Got a thing for flamingos?  mermaids?  whales?  sailboats?  whatever - let me know and we'll figure it out.

I'm leaving the posts from last year up for a little while longer for your information - situation remains the same, so website and home sales, plus some available at Fort Worden Gift Shop are the only "outlets" available right now.  Use the "contact us" button to get hold of me.

2017 posts

August 13, 2017-Oh My!  Has it been that long since I've posted here?  July was an extremely rough month for me.  The stress of taking care of my dying-at-home husband finally built up enough to send me to the Emergency Room twice (dehydration, low potassium and pneumonia).  I'm so very thankful my older sister was able to come and stay for several weeks.  I'm still "recovering" (I hope!), but I've been able to work a few projects, and today I delivered another order of necklaces and ornaments to the Fort Worden Gift Shop.  The necklaces included 3 hearts and 2 orcas.  These are additions to the line, and I will be working on some more soon....between follow-up medical appointments and naps, lots of naps.


June 1, 2017 - Dinosaurs...20 of them...were delivered today to some devoted fans from San Rafael, California.  So, as far as inventory goes, they are extinct again.  I can make more - want some?  Give me a shout.  I currently have 6 varieties available (I realize that pteradactyls are technically not dinosaurs, but where else am I going to include them?)


May 6, 2017 - I just delivered ten more necklaces and 25 ornaments to the Fort Worden Gift Shop.  They probably have a better selection than I do right now!  The nice thing about delivering there is I can tack on another beach walk easily.  We've had some stormy weather this week, and I've been able to get out there before and after - must say the "before" trip was more lucrative, but today's walk was enjoyable, too. 

The Rhododendron Festival Arts and Crafts Fair takes place downtown Port Townsend next weekend, and although I won't have a booth there, I'd encourage everyone to come out and support your local artists and crafters.  And, as always, let me know if there's any of my stuff you'd like to purchase (remember:  Mother's Day, Graduation, Father's Day, etc. - all coming up soon!) or simply click on the button next to the item to add to your cart.


April 1, 2017 - March just zipped on by.  I DID manage to add to my stock of necklaces and ornaments.  They are all available until spoken for (with $$$).   As always, if you'd like to negotiate for a volume, or special order, give me a shout - probably best via e-mail, but you can leave voice mail on the phone, too.  Use the "Contact Us" link to reach me easily.


March 5, 2017- This week I will be delivering the first order to the Fort Worden Gift Shop - 28 necklaces and 30 ornaments -- they'll have a better selection than I have on hand!  My stock is all listed in the catalog pages here, and you can order directly from me.
Here's what I am delivering to the Gift Shop:

Yes, I can make more, but give me a little time - just finished up these 58 pieces in the last couple weeks, and I'd like to complete some other projects I was working on.

February 2017 - Yes, It's been quiet on the business scene lately.  And I will probably not be doing many shows this year, as I have taken on "primary care giver" duties at home (my husband has cancer).  My products ARE still available, and I will ship them within a day or two of your order, so don't be shy!  I can also sell to you directly if you happen to be in Port Townsend - just give me a call. 
If you're looking for necklaces or ornaments, the Gift Shop at Fort Worden has a fair selection, too.


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