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Port Townsend Beach Gems - beach glass mosaics handcrafted by Carol Kummerow

Sharea little piece of the beach    
sun catcher made of beach glass
Unique  *   Authentic   *   Creatively "Repurposed"   *  Reasonably Priced
What are beach gems?
I make frequent trips to local beaches to collect beach glass (also called sea glass).  While many people seek the larger pieces of etched and sanded glass, I focus on finding smaller bits of glass in a wide range of  colors.  They glitter like small gemstones in the sand and fine gravel.  
I then create glass mosaics on candleholders, vases, photo frames and other useful items, most of which I find at local thrift shops.  So it's part recycling and repurposing, it's part collecting, it's part creating artistically, and it's all fun.
Please take a look around and see if there's something just perfect for your household or that of a friend.  I welcome your suggestions, too, and will work with you on custom orders.  There are shopping carts and buttons on all the catalog pages, which will link you to secure payment on your credit card through PayPal.

Seahorse in yellow & brown - $15
Salmon in natural aqua & white - $15 

Ornaments - $5 per package
(includes a few sets of 2)

Sea Turtle Suncatcher (revised) - $125
click on the picture for a link to its page 

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